A Hot Design | Graphic Design | Vancouver BC

I think design makes the world a better place; simpler, clearer, more beautiful, more interesting. Great, purposeful design helps businesses and institutions communicate their message more effectively. Within design, my biggest passions lie in branding, typography, and information architecture.

Call me for graphic design services: branding, web & interface design, brochures, infographics,  marketing materials, and more.


After using design students and recent grads to save costs, we needed to take our company to the next level to start selling and engaging with customers. A Hot Design has helped us define our brand a create a very professional and compelling look. At our latest tradeshow, our booth literally stopped people in their tracks! Beyond visuals, Angela has become a trusted consultant that cares about our business success. She anticipates our needs before we realize and makes sure we’re always getting the best deal. I would recommend A Hot Design to any startup or technology company. 

- Dave Yeskel, COO


A Hot Design manages all aspects of design for our thousand-employee company. We have 24 retirement properties across Canada and Angela keeps everything organized, consistent and beautiful. We underwent a rebrand in 2016 with the goal to increase occupancy to 95%. I am happy to say that with the new brand A Hot Design has created, we will meet that goal by the end of this year. 

She works with minimal direction and is always willing to go the extra mile - which often means late nights on the phone or tight-turnaround ad design. She works well with our parters and other professional services. We started with one proposal design, and now A Hot Design manages our brand fully. We have built mutual trust and couldn’t be happier. 

- Olivia Chang, Director, Marketing & Business Development


Angela has worked diligently with the Treatment team over the past few years to design the user interface for our medical client portal as well as our sales website. I really see her as a partner, one who I can bounce ideas off of. She is always very thoughtful in her work, not simply performing the tasks she was asked, but probing to see what the real problems that need to be solved are. More than a few times, she talked herself out of more work, simply because she wants to do what's right and what makes most sense for her clients. The work she has done for Treatment is not only beautiful but highly functional.

She is one of the smartest design people I have ever worked with. Everyone on our team enjoyed working with her. We are absolutely thrilled with the Treatment website and personal health record now in operation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for branding, user interface design or web design.

- Dr. Robert Scott, CEO


Working with A Hot Design on our project has been (and I anticipate will continue to be) very successful because the approach to design isn't about simply delivering design, but also about researching the context of our product. She considers and directly applies a foundational knowledge of how web and user interfaces work and acknowledge the limitations and possibilities of our medium.

We sought A Hot Design's services because the design we had previously lacked the aesthetic and brand appeal that we were striving for. Knowing that Angela is more than capable with website-application design, which was our primary goal, we felt that she could significantly improve our look-and-feel and design a consistent style that could be applied to all current and future website elements.

Our project (both on and offline) has undergone a significant rebrand under Angela's direction, and we have attained the visual appeal that we need to portray our company's core values to our clients, and we are very proud to do so.

What you delivered to us was easy to construct and integrate into our existing HTML and CSS code and allowed for consistent style considerations to be applied globally.

- Ben Rabinovitch, Lead Software Engineer


Angela Hot's portfolio reveals the work of a designer who not only aspires to create aesthetically pleasing work, but also work that is original and inventive. However, it was not only Angela's portfolio that convinced me that she was the right person for the job. During our first meeting, she presented herself as a thoughtful, creative, and hard-working professional. The work Angela created for AnxietyBC was comprehensive and well-executed, and throughout our working relationship, she was always dependable and respectful of our organization. It was immensely pleasurable to work with Angela, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an innovative and diligent graphic designer.

- Vanessa Waechtler, Marketing Manager


Smallbox has had the pleasure of working with Angela many times over the years. She has a great design aesthetic and readily interprets concepts to comps. That is to say she is great at turning conversations and ideas into visuals. Angela’s attention to detail is a very welcome commodity. This level of detail she provides goes a long way in improving user experience and strengthening the overall brand.

- Michael Williams, Principal